An M/M Modern Gothic Romance

Savant pianist Alek needs a guarantee that his lover, historic ​home restorer Ian, will never leave.

But the only thing Ian wants is the one thing Alek can never ​give him—the truth about his past.

Because Alek is lying about everything, starting with his ​name, and when Ian learns the truth, their house of cards ​will collapse.

Special Edition from Euphoric Lit

Includes: beautiful hardcover special edition with foil accents, ​sprayed edges, custom interior formatting, two bonus epilogue ​chapters, and is digitally signed.

Preorder open until 7/19. Use CAIT10 for 10% off

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Never Meet Your Hero

An M/M Modern Gothic Romance

You should never meet your heroes. They’ll only let you ​down.


  • master artist & protégé
  • hurt/comfort
  • mental health rep
  • murder mystery
  • forced proximity
  • possessive mc
  • spooky vibes

Coming late 2024 - early 2025

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